NHS FPX 8040 Assessment 1 Project Charter Part 1

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NHS-FPX 8040 21st-Century Health Care Leadership

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 Project Overview

Project Name: Decreasing Mortality Rates from Skin Cancer at West Virginia University Hospital through Early Prevention Strategies

Gap Analysis

Current State: There has been a 7% increase in mortality rates due to skin cancer.

Desired State: Targeting a reduction in skin cancer-related deaths to below 5%.

Identified Gap: The current gap stands at 2%.

Methods Used to Identify the Gap: Utilized questionnaires, assessments, synopses, and surveys. Implemented campaigns to enhance patient awareness of skin cancer and lifestyle modifications. Conducted learning sessions for oncology department healthcare staff.

Implications/Relevance to Identified Population:

  • Improvements required through staff training and increased awareness of prevention strategies.
  • Expected increase in lifespan and decrease in skin cancer-related deaths.

Evidence to Support the Need:

  • According to Dietz et al. (2020), early diagnosis and treatment through screening tests significantly reduce skin cancer mortality rates.
  • American Cancer Society (2022a) emphasizes the potential impact of preventive measures.

Problem Statement: Increased mortality rates due to skin cancer among the West Virginia population necessitate urgent intervention through educational and secondary prevention strategies.

SMART Objectives

Specific: Reduce skin cancer mortality from 7% to 5% by the end of 2024 through prevention strategies and healthcare staff training.

Measurable: Monitor monthly cancer-related deaths using EHR or surveys.

Achievable: Realistic goal achievable through collaboration among healthcare professionals.

Relevance: Interventions directly address the issue of increased mortality rates.

Time-bound: Target to be achieved within one year, starting in 2023.

Project AIM: Encourage increased efforts among West Virginia University Hospital healthcare workers to decrease mortality rates from skin cancer.


  • Two Months Planning and Preparation: Define goals, assess patient numbers, identify barriers, secure funding.
  • Implementation Phase: Execute plan, promote prevention strategies, foster collaboration, conduct educational seminars, and monitor progress.
  • Six Months Evaluation: Review data, identify gaps, and make necessary adjustments.


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NHS FPX 8040 Assessment 1 Project Charter Part 1

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