Scam Alert

Welcome to TakeMyClassOnline.net

We at TakeMyClassOnline.net have recently become aware of fraudulent activities where individuals have misused our brand name, logo, and the identities of our team members to deceive people globally across multiple platforms. We condemn these illegal actions and are committed to taking proactive measures to protect our brand, employees, clients, and the wider community from scammers.

Key Points to Remember:

Recognizing the signs of a scam can help you avoid falling victim. Be cautious of scammers who:

🔷  Initiate contact unexpectedly.

🔷  Pose as representatives of well-known organizations.

🔷  Pressure you to take immediate action.

🔷  Propose alternative verification methods, such as calling or texting numbers they provide or visiting their website.

🔷  Send unsolicited emails, texts, or social media messages impersonating others.

🔷  Attempt to obtain sensitive information, such as your social security number, bank account, or credit card details.

🔷  Exploit your emotions.

🔷  Request secrecy regarding transactions.

🔷  Offer deals that seem too good to be true.

How to Identify a Scammer:

Remain vigilant of phone calls, texts, social media messages, and emails impersonating TakeMyClassOnline.net and its employees. Please note the following:

🔷  We do not utilize Telegram for communication.

🔷  TakeMyClassOnline.net primarily communicates with clients, prospects, and candidates via email (hello@TakeMyClassOnline.net) and phone calls (516-218-0006‬). We do not initiate contact through cross-platform messaging services like Telegram.

🔷  We never request money from freelancers, contractors, or employees.

🔷  TakeMyClassOnline.net does not solicit funds from freelancers, employees, or independent contractors. We also do not send requests for money or goods on behalf of the company or its employees.

🔷  We do not charge freelancers application fees.

🔷  TakeMyClassOnline.net does not impose application fees on freelancers or candidates. Payment terms for independent contractors are outlined in the signed contract, and we adhere to them as the employer.

We do not have our own mobile application.

TakeMyClassOnline.net’s official channels are limited to the following:

🔷  Website: https://TakeMyClassOnline.net/

🔷  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TakeMyClassOnline

🔷  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/TakeMyClassOnline

🔷  YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@TakeMyClassOnline

🔷  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/TakeMyClassOnline/

We do not have a proprietary mobile application, and we would never request personal information or sensitive data using unauthorized links or applications.

We do not endorse cryptocurrency purchases.

TakeMyClassOnline.net is not associated with any cryptocurrency company and does not promote cryptocurrency purchases. If you are asked to buy cryptocurrency or make upfront payments as part of a job offer, it is likely a scam.

We never solicit banking information via email.

We maintain strict confidentiality regarding client and employee information. We will never ask you to share or verify banking details via email, chat, text, or phone calls.

What to Do If You Encounter a Scam or Suspicious Email:

Your cooperation is essential in combating scammers. If you receive suspicious emails, texts, or phone calls impersonating TakeMyClassOnline.net, please report them to contact@TakeMyClassOnline.net or call (516-218-0006‬).

We are committed to taking swift action against scammers to safeguard you, our organization, our clients, and our employees.

Additional Steps to Protect Yourself:

🔷  Cease communication with the scammer.

🔷  Secure your finances.

🔷  Change your account passwords.

🔷  Review and adjust your privacy and security settings across various social media platforms, channels, and devices.

Join us in our efforts to combat scams by reporting fraudulent activities to contact@TakeMyClassOnline.net. Together, we can work towards a safer online environment.

Choose TakeMyClassOnline.net for a seamless and stress-free academic journey. Allow us to be your partner in success, guiding you toward academic excellence. Your path to outstanding academic achievements begins here with TakeMyClassOnline.net – where your success is our foremost priority.

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